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Devgad Alphonso Mangoes, the pulpy, deliciously sweet fruit, gives a sweet rush to your taste buds. Serve them as a dessert or eat a slice; no one can deny them. With the richness of aromatic Golden saffron-hued color. Sweetness, tangy flavor has been called the king of fruits globally. The distinctiveness comes from the geographical conditions of Devgad as the same is not observed in other varieties grown elsewhere. The Devgad Alphonso mangoes are larger and have a thicker skin that does not wrinkle easily (although that also shrivels uniformly when ripe)- this also gives a better look.

Mango season, which occurs from February through May, is characterized by specific fruits from Devgad. India is a land of versatile mangoes, yet the crop’s crown is universally considered to be the Devgad Alphonso fruit, especially when comparing Mangos to other fruits. The fruit from Devgad came to be popularly known as Devgad Hapus in Mumbai and fetched premium prices due to its growing demand and popularity. Mumbaikars recognized the unique taste of Devgad, along with its sweet taste, thick pulp, and extremely pleasant fruity flavor, and the fruit became popular.

The location, soil, topography, weather, and of course generations of knowledge about their mango make them unique. The Devgad mango cultivar is found on the Arabian Sea shore, surrounded by mineral-rich mountains, Laterite stones, and a cool sea wind that blows in from the sea. It is rich in minerals in the terrain, which is bordered on one side by a steep tropical area and the sea.

On the other hand, it links with rivers near our Devgad Mango Orchards, which produce bright yellowish golden fruits that are oval kidney-shaped and have a beautiful yellowish golden hue once ripened.

Devgad Alphonso mangoes are cultivated naturally on mango trees using natural manure of cow dung, panchagavya, and vegetative waste, as well as shell calcium.

We ensure that our mangoes grown at Devgad in Maharashtra, India, by Alphonso Fruits are chemical and carbide-free. Our fruits are not ripened by carbide or other chemicals but are naturally ripened. We source fruits of the best quality from Devgad, India.

A natural ripening process that allows fruits to mature to their full golden saffron hue, with sweetness and aroma within a few days. In addition to the natural ripening process, fruits packed in semi-ripe or unripe conditions withstand transport time as per the ripening process will mature to their full golden hue, with sweetness and aroma within a few days.

As we ensure to send you the near-ripe mangoes that are delivered with the mango box, it usually takes one to three days for the fruits to ripen once they reach your home. Arrange the fruits on the floor with Hay’s stack delivered with the mango box. It is suggested to leave Hay’s fruits supplied in a box, and there is no need to cover them. Mangoes will ripen gradually over 6 to 8 days, but always keep an eye on them. Devgad Alphonso mangoes will be packed per standard operating procedure & dispatched in Semi Ripe Condition, avoiding fruit ripening damage during transportation.